The haunted

Chi Yan was born with a weak constitution, and ghosts had always tried to kill him. He tried many methods; seeking help from masters, praying to gods and deities, but to no avail.

Coincidentally, Third Master Ye of Shiming City passed away, and a priest informed Chi Yan than Third Master Ye possessed the ‘look of demon’ and carrying a bit of his ashes and installing an altar for him at home, could help control the evil spirits around Chi Yan.

Left with no choice, Chi Yan took a gamble. Amazingly, it worked. However he didn’t expect to be haunted by the most persistent evil.

This is a story about an obsessive love, undying resentment, and possession by evil.


Ch1: Nightmare

Ch2: Looks of a demon

Ch3: Funeral

Ch4: Return

Ch5: Man under water

Ch6: Friday

Ch7: Take-outs

Ch8: Crash

Ch9: Staking everything

Ch10: New Year’s Day

Ch11: Housemate

Ch12: Coveted

Ch13: Infatuation (Part 1)

Ch14: Infatuation (Part 2)

Ch15: Alone

Ch16: Nonsense

Ch17: Ungrateful

Ch18: Hospitalised

Ch19: Joy of helping others

Ch20: Infatuation (Part 3, Final)

Ch21: Disguise